IKEA Online Retail Experience Testing

The idea of testing the IKEA online shopping website sparked due to people around me and my team were moving in and out of college including myself. Thus, we wanted to see if we decide to shop online for IKEA products would help us save money and moving headaches. Here is our feedback.

At A Glance

Research Background

Ikea.com provides furniture and accessories oriented around the home for online purchase. Ikea is a furniture brand from Sweden and has many stores both worldwide and online. The website offers many services, including purchasing, shipping, returning, and more.

Potential Clients

One client might be a start-up company who want to learn about user flow and experience optimization for their retail website. Other potential client groups areIKEA themselves, along with other big retail companies who are looking to improve their customers’ online shopping experience.

Testing Tasks

1. Purchasing an item by searching based on price.
2. Comparing similar items.
3. Applying special offers/coupons to a purchase.
4. Finding ‘Back To College’ page and ordering an item to be delivered to an address

Targeted Users

The target user group is college students who have never used IKEA for online purchasing, or have experience online shop more than three times in their college life for our product testing. We propose to work with this target user group because moving into college and from college can be quite challenging especially to a brand new environment. We are curious how IKEA can benefit students in the transitioning progress.

Four Key Findings

1. Sales & coupon page is rarely being discovered.
2. Wording of distinction between the “Buy Online” and “Add to Shopping List” buttons is confusing
3. Checkout page has room for improvement
4. Searching within a specified price range does not work


1. Usability Study Plan
2. Usability Study Kit
3. Preliminary Analysis Report
4. Final Report